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About Kevin T. Williams

Attorney Kevin T. Williams provides advisory services to utilities and investors, with a focus on electric cooperative acquisitions. Williams served as in-house counsel to a large electric cooperative operating in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, providing advice on anti-takeover strategies. He has advised investor-owned utilities and investment banks about electric co-op acquisitions since 1995. Williams has led teams to develop large power production projects, managed a variety of utility functions, including accounting, human resources, management information systems, treasury, strategic planning, and forecasting, and created business and economic development organizations. He has been a lobbyist to the U.S. Congress and Tennessee and Virginia Legislatures, and a Contributing Editor to Electric Light & Power magazine. Most recently he held executive and legal positions at Old Dominion Electric Cooperative and CMS Energy. Williams received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Richmond in Virginia. He is admitted to practice law in Tennessee and Virginia.


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