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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the following frequently asked questions are in a video response. Click on a question to see the corresponding answer.

The Facts About Bankruptcy:
  1.) What is Bankruptcy?
  2.) What is the difference between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7?
  3.) What is the Bankruptcy Process?
  4.) How can I prepare for my bankruptcy more effectively?
  5.) How long does a bankruptcy take?
  6.) How much will declaring bankruptcy cost?
Why We Can Help You:
  7.) Why the Right Bankruptcy Law Firm Matters!
  8.) I have seen numerous ads on TV and the Internet about eliminating debt without bankruptcy. Why should I file bankruptcy when these services get the benefit without the negative implications?
  9.) How does your office’s representation assist me?
  10.) There are a lot of bankruptcy firms and companies out there, what makes your different?
Moral Considerations of Filing Bankruptcy:
  11.) I am a responsible person who doesn’t want to abandon his responsibilities, how can I morally justify bankruptcy?
How Bankruptcy Can Help You:
  12.) How can Bankruptcy benefit my credit score and serve as a financial improvement tool?
  13.) I have a pending foreclosure or repossession, how will a bankruptcy effectively deal with that?
  14.) What are my creditors required to do after I file for bankruptcy?
  15.) How does bankruptcy affect my debts and obligations?
  16.) How does a bankruptcy affect my ability to obtain a loan and/or credit?
  17.) Will my government loans and tax debts be forgiven through a bankruptcy?
  18.) I want to keep some of my debts, how can I through a bankruptcy?
  19.) What happens after I file bankruptcy?


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